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    Whale Watching in Orange County

    Whale watching is an incredible way to see beautiful whales (of all kinds!) in their natural habitat! We are given the opportunity to go to them and leave them undisturbed, in their natural home (the wide open ocean). As my husband and I have gotten older, we’ve researched the treatment of these animals (and others) more and more, and we have made the decision to never participate in animal tourism that hurts animals. We are thankful for opportunities like these, which allow us to enjoy these beautiful creatures without supporting mistreatment of them. My husband and I have had several amazing whale watching experiences over the years in both Orange…

  • Visiting Back to the Future filming locations is so much fun. Keep reading for a list of Back to the Future filming locations and info on how to dress like Back to the Future characters.
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    Back to the Future Filming Locations (& How to Dress Like Back to the Future Characters)

    Any Back to the Future fans out there? Visiting Back to the Future filming locations can be really fun for true fans. I have personally visited a few of them, and it’s always exciting! I thought I would do something fun and different today, in honor of our family’s Halloween costumes this year. (Yes… we did dress our baby girl like Doc Brown.) We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. We only recommend products and services that we love! Honestly, I’m not a big movie person, but the Back to the Future trilogy has always been my favorite. I have so many fond memories of…