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Visiting London for the Second Time

Are you planning to visit London the second time? Have you already hit the main tourist spots? I’m excited to share my favorite London destinations that should make it on your list, our favorite (less visited) palaces, fun neighborhoods to explore, amazing food to try, and how to book a professional photo shoot to capture your memories. Enjoy your second trip to London!

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London is an amazing city! It is rich with beauty, culture, and history. If you’re visiting the United Kingdom, there is a good chance that it is on your itinerary. It is possible that you’re spending several days there, but it’s also possible that you’re just passing through on your way to another destination. No matter how much time you have in this beautiful city, you’ll want to make the most of it and enjoy every moment.

When my husband and I first visited London, we hit up all the major attractions and loved it. We also squeezed in some less-traditional sights and were so grateful for those opportunities. We recently went back to London as a family of three and sought out some new opportunities. We had a few favorites that we wanted to visit again, but we wanted to try out some new things too!

I’m excited to share my ideas for visiting London for the second time! Some of the items on this list were things that we explored during our first trip, but they are things that are often skipped by most first-time travelers. While Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the Tower of London are all incredible, there is so much more that London has to offer! There are also numerous, convenient day trips from London – so the possibilities are endless!

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Visiting London for the Second Time

1. Go Inside Tower Bridge and Walk Across the Glass Floor

Nearly every traveler adds Tower Bridge to their must-see list, but very few actually go inside. This beautiful bridge was built in the late 1800s, and it is actually one of the newer bridges that crosses London’s River Thames. To go inside, you need purchase your tickets online at least 24 hours in advance. The tickets are flexible and just need to be used within one year.

Once you’re inside the bridge, you can learn all about its history and enjoy stunning views of the River Thames. There are several photo opportunities along its walkways, where you can open little “photo windows” and take photos without the glass windows in your way. Here is an example of one of these spots, and the photo I was able to take there.

The highlight for us was walking across the glass walkway! I have always wanted to walk across one, so I was excited when I found out that the Tower Bridge has a couple! I have absolutely no fear of heights, and my husband enjoyed it too. We weren’t sure what our toddler would think of it, but she loved it.


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2. Shop at Portobello Market in Notting Hill

An Adventure is Calling London Itinerary 7

Portobello Market (located on Portobello Market Road) is an exciting street market that takes place on Saturdays. Explore the shops and vendors as you walk through the beautiful streets of Notting Hill. You’ll find everything from traditional souvenirs to jewelry to antiques to clothing to flower to amazing food. We visited the market during our first trip to London, but we found that it doesn’t make the list for most first-time travelers. For more info, visit their website.

Note: Avoid taking photos of individual stalls without permission. We noticed that several vendors grew upset with tourists who were taking photos of their inventory.

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3. Relax at Kew Palace & Gardens

Kew Palace is a royal palace located just outside of the city in Richmond. Most first-time travelers skip it, likely because it is outside of the city and can easily turn into a day trip. We went here during our first trip to London and it was the highlight of our trip. It was so peaceful and relaxing! We happened to be there on Father’s Day, and we found that most people there were local families enjoying a sunny day out.

It is perfect for those who love history! King George III spent his last days here after losing the American colonies in the American Revolution. The Palace itself is unique, and its gardens are very beautiful. We especially loved the treetop walk!

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4. Explore Hampton Court Palace & Gardens

Hampton Court Palace & Gardens was a priority for us on this last trip. It is another royal palace located outside of the city (in East Molesey), and it is well worth a visit. This was the highlight of this last trip to London for so many reasons! It is full of history (it was a residence of King Henry VIII) and is home to several stunning gardens. It is popular with the locals too- and for good reason.

If you’re traveling with children, you’ll definitely want to make this a priority. They have a Magic Garden Playground for children, as well as a 300 year old hedge maze to explore. Our daughter loved every minute of our time here, and we did too!

Fun Tip: Consider booking a private palace tour to learn secrets of Henry VIII or a fun palace grounds bike tour.

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5. Enjoy the View from the London Eye

An Adventure is Calling London Itinerary 11

It is possible that this made your list during your first visit (it made ours!), but if you haven’t been on the London Eye yet, add it your itinerary for your next trip. It’s a little pricey and the lines can be long, but the views from the top are unbeatable! It moves very slowly and you’re well-enclosed, so even travelers who are afraid of heights can enjoy the experience.

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6. Seek out New Areas of Kensington Gardens

An Adventure is Calling London Itinerary 9

Kensington Gardens earns a spot on most people’s itineraries (at least Kensington Palace does!). If you’ve already been, explore new parts of the gardens. There is so much to see and do. Take a relaxing stroll through the trees in the park, sit and enjoy the Sunken Gardens, and (if you have children) play at the Princess Diana Memorial Playground.

When you’re ready to leave, walk down Kensington Palace Gardens (the actual street). It is the street that runs along the west-side of the palace, next to Kensington Palace Green. It is a stunning street. It is lined with embassies and beautiful private residences. Very few cars have access to this street, so it is very peaceful. It is open to pedestrians and bicycles only. You are not allowed to take photos on this street!

Fun tip: Consider booking High Tea at Kensington Palace for an unforgettable, royal adventure.

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7. Organize Your Itinerary Around New Restaurants & Coffee Shops (Perfect for the Foodie!)

Not sure how you would really like to spend your time? Do some research and find some fun places that you would like to eat and drink. Then check out the neighborhoods and choose the attractions you’ll visit based on that. During this last trip, we knew we wanted to eat at Duck and Waffle (which is a skyline restaurant that is usually open 24/7, but it was sadly closed temporarily due to construction!), so we organized the rest of the day around our breakfast plans (we headed to St. Paul’s Cathedral next, which was nearby). Although our breakfast plans didn’t quite work out, we wound up finding Vita Mojo, which turned out to be one of our favorite places that we ate on our entire trip! Their meals were 100% customizable- from the ingredients to the quantities. I highly recommend it!

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8. Stay in a New Neighborhood

If you’ve been to London before, I highly recommend choosing a new neighborhood to stay in. This will naturally allow you to explore new parts of the city. During our first trip to London, we stayed near Putney Bridge and in Cheapside- and we loved both. This time, we stayed on Harrow Road (near Paddington Station) and in Kensington. We loved walking down new streets, shopping at new grocery stores and markets, and exploring the differences in architecture in each place.

The Walk from Paddington Station to Harrow Road along the Little Venice Canal

We love using VRBO when we travel! We love the flexibility of being able to cook in our kitchen and do laundry. If you prefer to book a hotel, I recommend using We use them almost exclusively when we book hotel rooms throughout the world!

Here are a few amazing options throughout London:

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9. Enjoy London’s Culture Through a New Experience

Consider browsing through Airbnb Experiences in London! You can book all kinds of fun, unusual, and cultural activities to make your trip more memorable. You can go on a food tour with a local, take a vintage bike tour through the city, learn to make French crêpes, or learn how to take Instagrammable photos in Notting Hill with an expert.


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10. Capture Your Memories with a Professional Photo Shoot

Photo captured by Jilli from Flytographer

If you love London, consider capturing your memories in a unique way! Our family loves to capture our travel memories through photos. Flytographer is a company that we have used and loved! They work with local photographers in over 200 cities worldwide, and London is on their list (of course!). They make the entire process so easy, have a fast turnaround, and are overall a joy to work with. You can choose to capture your memories in front of your favorite London sights, including (but not limited to) Big Ben, Portobello Road, Covent Garden, and Buckingham Palace.

If you’re new to Flytographer, you can use my referral link to receive $25 off your first photoshoot! You can read more about the company in this post: 15 Reasons to Book a Photoshoot with Flytographer on Your Next Vacation. You can also read about our experiences with them in cities like Paris, Edinburgh, and Honolulu!

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I hope that I’ve inspired you to try some new things in London during your second trip! If you’ve been to London, I would love to hear what you did that you loved. Do you like to stick to the main attractions, or do you like to seek out new and different experiences?

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  • Anda

    Other than staying in a new neighborhood, I managed to do all these things the first time I went to London. I absolutely loved this city and was lucky enough to spend there almost two weeks, but I’d surely love to return. Great photos, by the way.

  • Daniel

    I guess I’d have to visit London for the first time first but I enjoyed your article 🙂 Your pictures look really amazing and make London look even more appealing. I would love to visit someday. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work

  • Jayne

    I like the premise of this post. Sometimes a second trip to a city like London can open up a whole host of difference experiences

  • Bhushavali N

    Reminds me of my stay in London! I have such fond memories of the city. I’ve been to & done most of the things you’ve listed here. The country is filled with so many country houses of the nobles of the yesteryears. I’ve been to a few incl Ham House, Chiswick House, Kew Palace etc. Its very charming, right?
    Paddington station area is such a nice place to stay. The little Venice near it would be perfect for evening walks!
    Getting a professional photoshoot done in this beautiful city would be an awesome thing to do.

    • Leah

      I’m glad you enjoyed this list! Yes, walking along the Little Venice Canal was lovely, especially in the evenings. We are glad we decided to stay in that area during this last trip.

  • Jane Dempster-Smith

    I love London and it never amazes me every time that you visit there is always more things to see and do. London has that certain vibe about it. Your article brings back lots of memories especially Portobello Market. One thing we haven’t done is the London Eye – guess we just have to revisit again.

  • Adele Gee

    I have been to London several times and I always find different reasons to visit – just because I love the city so much. One of the reason for going there is as a foodie trip – London has so many awesome restaurants. From your list – I have done them as 2nd or 3rd time visits and what a wonderful idea to use Flytographer to have some awesome photos taken.

  • Karen

    Awwww your pics have got me desperate to book another trip to London, love how you visited some of the off the beaten path areas, Portobello market is one of our favourites!

  • Liona

    Great post. I have been to London many times but I have only done one of the things on this list (London Eye). We’ll definitely be heading up Tower Bridge on our next visit.

  • Arnav Mathur

    Reading this, I can agree to one thing and that is , London has many faces, and every time you visit, you end up discovering something new. Just a couple of minutes back, I was waltzing along Kensington Street, and it was a new experience for me. Definitely going to be doing the walk on glass floor at tower of London next time.

  • Sarah Wilson

    We’ve not been to London (it’s high on our list) and I think this list looks amazing for first-timers as well! xo

  • Annick Lenoir-Peek

    The places that make your list during a second visit are the ones I know that you enjoyed so much that you had to repeat. Without your recommendation, I probably wouldn’t have actually gone inside the Tower Bridge. I’m afraid of heights so the glass walkways are not for me but I really like the photo windows. I’ve also been torn about the London Eye. While it looks nice and safe, and the views look amazing, I worry that I will be scared. I think many London visitors miss locations just outside the city so glad you included several castles.

    • Leah

      Many people visit Tower Bridge and avoid looking down, so that is an option for you if you would still like to experience it! The London Eye might not be your favorite either, but the palaces I mentioned outside the city are wonderful!

  • Martha

    I think of London fondly because it was one of the first cities where I found my wanderlust. I love the mix of outdoorsy and tourist attractions that you’ve included. I think it’s important to relive a city’s history, but also see what the locals love about the city and experience the green spaces as well. You mentioned food tours, which I think is a great way to experience local cuisine in a destination. These are often restaurants owned by locals as well, which is super important to support while traveling. Great suggestions!

  • Andreja

    I appreciate you advice on visiting a new neighbourhood but somehow I just can’t. I LOVE Camden town and somehow always end up there. Usually I book my accomodation there so that I can explore it on foot!

  • Scott

    Very cool tips. Another thing I did on a return trip to London was a day trip to Brighton. It’s super easy to take a quick train down there and Brighton is a really cute beach town (especially when it’s sunny haha).

  • Carrie

    Already been to London three times and I loved it. Still found a lot of new things to do in this post so thanks, I’ll make sure to check them out next time! 🙂

  • Katie

    London is one of my favorite cities to visit, but I haven’t been there in several years! I would love to return. I appreciate your tips for fun things to do with your kids. I didn’t know about the glass walkways in the Tower Bridge. I would love to check that out!

    • Leah

      London is a great city to return to again and again! We didn’t know about the glass walkways in the Tower Bridge during our first trip either, but it was so fun to check out on our second trip. 🙂

  • Sarah

    Coming from London, I always love reading posts about what people like to do in my city. It’s fun seeing the city through other people’s eyes and you have some great suggestions. I can’t believe I’ve never visited Kew!

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